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Song Saturday: Medwyn Goodall's Behold The Darkness

How's it going lurkers? I stumbled upon Medwyn Goodall's eerie song, "Behold The Darkness." It instantly gave me the cre...

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Song Saturday: Medwyn Goodall's Behold The Darkness

How's it going lurkers? I stumbled upon Medwyn Goodall's eerie song, "Behold The Darkness." It instantly gave me the creeps, which is all the more reason to share "Behold The Darkness." 

Listening to the song sounds like it would be a part of a score to a Horror TV show or a movie.

In fact, I imagine Goodall's "Behold The Darkness" being used for a show or movie comprised of vampires and werewolves. It has that type of tone. The more I think about the song, it would be perfect for a Vampire TV Drama.

To explain a little more about Medwyn Goodall, he is a New Age Music composer originally from Yorkshire, England. He currently lives with his wife, Wendy in Cornwall, England.

At 10 years old, this man taught himself how to play the guitar and noticed, that he had the ability to learn how to play musical instruments very quickly.

By the time Medwyn Goodall became a teenager, he started composing his own songs. Soon, Goodall earned local notoriety with his band, Trax. 

Years later, he learned how to play over 20 instruments. These instruments include the mandolin, piano, drums, harp, flute, glockenspiel, panpipes, vibraphone, and a synthesizer.

At 26 years old, Medwyn Goodall released his debut album. Today he has released over 75 albums. You cannot say this composer is untalented and is never busy.

Earlier this morning, I visited 1 of Goodall's websites and left a message for him on his Guestbook page, informing the composer that I'll be sharing a song of his for my latest Song Saturday blog. Hopefully, Goodall sees my message, reads it, and responds.

Considering how busy Medwyn Goodall is, he is probably feverishly composing his next albums. I'm very curious about how the composer manages to find the time to compose music. There's only so many hours within a day.

When you are listening to Medwyn Goodall's "Behold The Darkness," I encourage you to sit, embrace, and ABSORB the sound of this composition. Also, pay CLOSE attention to the unofficial music video below.

Does the overall tone of "Behold The Darkness" give you an eerie feeling?

Listening to this song and watching this unofficial music video makes me think about the Gothic Horror Soap Opera, Dark Shadows, Grimm, and that supervillain, Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Patrick Seitz voicing Dio in English makes the villain sound just as evil as the way he was written. 

That reminds me, Toonami better hurry up and premiere JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's 2nd season because the block is boring with the exception of Tokyo Ghoul airing. 

Anyway, here's Medwyn Goodall's "Behold The Darkness" for today's Song Saturday.

Medwyn Goodall "Behold The Darkness" Comet (1999)

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Which Primetime Show Should I Choose To Watch On TV?


While helping my uncle at his company last night, I read online that Hawaii Five-0, Grimm, and Nikita are ALL competing against each other, now. This sucks ass! I don't watch nearly the amount of TV I used to watch, when I was a teenager during the 1990's. 

Local networks, during the '90s weren't so fast to cancel a show, if it was slowly generating an audience. Over this last decade, Primetime shows have been canceled at the drop of hats.

After graduating from college 7 years ago, all my favorite Primetime shows such as Eve, Half & Half, All of Us, and The George Lopez Show were canceled. I watched the preceding shows consistently for years, when I was in college. 

Before graduating, 3 of them were canceled. It really aggravated me when Eve, Half & Half, and All of Us were all UPN sitcoms, that ended with cliffhangers. Viewers like myself never had chances to learn if important couples either stayed together, or separated, or reunited. 

Meanwhile, George Lopez's sitcom on ABC only lasted for at least 2 more years after I graduated from college. 

Throughout 2007-2010, more of my Primetime shows were canceled on ALMOST every local network. It was to the extent, that I quit investing in most of Primetime because I was tired of investing in potentially good shows being canceled.

Then, Hawaii Five-0, The Secret Circle, Nikita, Ringer, and Grimm either returned to TV, or premiered in 2010. Suddenly, I began watching local Primetime again.

Between that 3-year period, I stopped watching most Primetime. As a replacement, I became more interested in watching Japanese Animation or Anime on cable and streaming it online.

In fact, I am willing to say I have watched a few hundred Anime. I binge watched TONS of them. I used to stream some Anime before going to work in the morning. I know, I'm a bit of a nerd in that aspect but oh well.

I am really far behind on streaming more recent Anime from both this year and last year. Lately, I have been more focused on job hunting, working, blogging, chatting with people on stalkbook, blogging and social networking sites, etc.

Anyway, Hawaii Five-0 should return to its Monday night time slot. That way, I can watch it right after Sleepy Hollow and Nikita should return to its 7pm time slot on Fridays. Then, I can watch Grimm afterward. 

It really sucks when all my shows, that I regularly watch, are now competing against each other. Before anybody asks, no I don't have DVR or Tivo. Hell, I haven't even used my VCR in years. 

This means I will have to stream 2 of these shows online. So, I have decided to watch Grimm on Friday nights at 8pm, since that was its original time slot. Nikita really should return to 7pm because those were my 2 Friday night shows. 

Luckily, Nikita only has 6 more episodes as its FINAL season. I really hate choosing among 3 of my shows but that's the way it has to be, now that CBS and The CW decided to mess up my personal TV schedule. 

This is normally what my Primetime TV schedule would look like throughout the week, including Sleepy Hollow more recently:


8pm Sleepy Hollow

9pm Hawaii Five-0


7pm The Bad Girls Club

8pm Find Me My Man

9pm MTV2's Guy Code------- Depending on the season

9pm MTV's Girl Code----------Depending on the season


9pm The Real World-------Depending on the season

9pm The Challenge--------Depending on the season


7pm Nikita

8pm Grimm

9pm AXS TV MMA Fights

So, what are your thoughts? Do you have your own personal TV schedule? Let me know what you think!

Friday, May 1, 2020

So, What Is Anna H's Vision?

How's it going lurkers? Have you ever created your own vision board? It has been more than 2 decades, since I last created my own. 

The last time I made a vision board was for Speech class my high school freshman year. Like I already said, it has been YEARS.

Lately, I have been thinking about creating a brand new vision board for the 21st Century because there is still more that I have yet to accomplish. 

By 20, I already accomplished my dream of becoming a Radio DJ/Hostess.

My BA may not be in Japanese and I never became a Japanese Consecutive Translator, never had the chance to marry the man I fell really hard for, or had any kids, but I DO have:

* My BA in Asian Studies and Creative Writing Minor

* Some poems and short stories already bound at Carthage College but unpublished

* Learned how to self-build my own website

* Had the wonderful opportunity to interview White Zombie's former bassist and co-founder, Sean Yseult

* Interacted with authors, musicians, voice actors, etc. in person and in cyber space

Basically, I gained more (depending on the way you look at it) and lost some. To be innovative, I created my own online vision board.

It was somewhat difficult trying to organize my goals in the order I wanted them to be in because I had some problems with the alignment. Therefore, I listed them in order. So, bear with me.

Anna's Online Vision Board:



1) New Job- Trying to find a permanent job for the last 16 years has been the biggest struggle of my life. Dealing with so-called "gate keepers" for employers does not help anyone, especially not me. 

* A new, high paying job will make it easier to pay off my student loans.

2) Money- Finding a new job, which pays well, goes hand in hand with each other like peanut butter and jelly. 

Considering that I am ~ $75K + in student loan debt, I need a lot of money to break this curse of forever being in poverty.

Lately, I have thought about getting a job doing commercial voiceovers. It's not like I don't have work experience behind a microphone. Also, I have experience as a PA Announcer from 6th-11th grade.

Every March we had Foreign Language Week, I read our student announcements in foreign languages (mostly Japanese); For 6 years, I mostly read announcements in Japanese.

I may not be fluent in foreign languages but I CAN read in both German and Japanese like someone, who is fluent in them. 

* Advertisers can give me a script in either German, or Japanese and I will simply read it. I can most definitely wing it by reading German WITH a German accent!

3) Published Author- Since the time I was a teenager, this has been another dream of mine. I want my stories to be traditionally published rather than self-published.

Years ago, self-publishing my book seemed like a great idea for having control of my stories and royalties. Self-publishing requires a lot of time and money, which I don't have. 

* I don't have time, money, and skills to pay for everything and to do everything. Therefore, it is better to be traditionally published.

4) Bookshelves- Traditionally published books have a much greater chance of being sold on bookshelves at stores than a self-published book. 

* If books are self-published, the author or publisher is forced to spend more money trying to sell his/her book. I want my work sold on the shelves at bookstores.

5) Audiobooks- I especially want my book released on audiobook. Finding the perfect male voice actors/narrators to collaborate with on my stories is definitely a must. 

* In addition, I want my stories to be released in English, German, and Japanese.

I am confident that I can do some of the narrating/voice acting, especially when it comes to female protagonists. Casting the right male voice actors and narrators has been the biggest challenge.

Throughout last year, I spent most of my time contacting certain male voice actors. Some auditioned for "The Horrors Of Womahood."

Most of my time was spent finding the right voice actor/narrator for that story because I want Dr. Woody Johnson to sound frightening to my audience.

6) Awards- Since childhood, my teachers gave me academic awards. Because my grades were mostly terrible, I never had any awards from middle school. It wasn't until high school, that I started getting academic awards, again.

I DID clean up on Achievers Awards mostly for Japanese from 9th to 12th grade. Usually, I got 3 awards a year. Therefore, you do the math on that.

* Now, I strive for awards outside of academics. Winning an award for Best Horror Author, for example would be a major accomplishment.

I always wanted to have my own trophy. Certificates and pendants are nice but I would love to have my own trophy to set on my dresser or shelf.

7) Fans- Since the time I was a Radio DJ/Hostess at UW-Parkside's 101.7 WIPZ, my audience was always niche because I mostly played Metal.

My listeners were mostly white male. Very few females listened to my show and they were usually my co-workers. Even though I no longer work in radio, my audience is still niche.

Workshopping my poems and short stories in Creative Writing was about the same as when I was a DJ. 

Female classmates could not grasp my work and typically disliked it, whereas my male classmates and professors understood my work and loved it.

* With that being said, I would really LOVE  to have diversity in fans male, female, different races, religions, cultures, sexual orientations, etc. I don't want or need sycophants for fans, although I do want them to like and respect me as a person, author, and my work.

8) Eternal Love- Chances of this ever coming to fruition is definitely slim to none. 

I have a much greater chance of winning the lottery than having a husband, who loves, respects, and resonates with me.

As of April 6th this year, it has officially been 14 years since the time of dumping my womanizing, crooked cop ex and going on dating retirement.

From time to time, I have thought about dating again but a lot has changed over the last 14 years. I may look eternally youthful, but I don't want some man-child playing games on his cell phone in the middle of a date, or taking pictures of himself and his whereabouts all over social media.

I purposely added that gif of Gomez and Morticia Addams because I will always be that kook with a dark sense of humor. I want my own Gomez Addams!

Horror and a dark humor go hand in hand with each other, as well. Like it was said on Drawn Together years ago, "You can't spell slaughter without laughter."

People today in this politically correct era are highly lacking in having a dark sense of humor. It's a special kind of humor for some of us.

* I want and need a husband of my own, who is handsome, strong, intelligent, talented, devoted, supportive, loyal, has a dark sense of humor, creative, and KNOWS HOW TO DRESS!

It sounds like I'm asking for too much but these men really DO exist! I just haven't had that much luck because they're always with another woman OR man.

Considering that I am almost 40, the chances of me being able to have my own son and daughter will probably never happen. I can still dream, right?

So, how do you like my cyber version of a vision board? Let me know what you think!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Get On My TinyLetter, STAT!

How's it going creepers and gumdrops? It has been a while, since publishing another blog on OMG, Anna! What's Going On?!

Those of you, who have been with me on this journey for the last 6 1/2 years, already know that the so-called "struggle has been real.

From the time of joining the original Xanga 7 years ago to Blogster to It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns to Blogger, I still continue to blog. However, I have been blogging a lot less since 2017. 

Job hunting, submitting my short stories to publishers, finding dentists and clinics that accept my insurance for oral extractions, x-rays, etc. Helping to take care of my mother occupies most of my time offline.

As some already know, being a caregiver is a lot of time and work. My mother may not be a vegetable, but she is high maintenance. 

Imagine dealing with a bullheaded and defiant teenager, who acts like a know-it-all with bad health. Yeah, my mother's like that except she is in her late 50's.
Despite all the setbacks, I've been updating It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns and previously published blogs on it every so many days, weeks, and months. Therefore, I have not forsaken any of you or my content. In fact, I just changed the background scenery on It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns. So, check it out!

Why I am telling you all this?

Well, even though I may be unable to publish blogs on It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns and OMG, Anna! What's Going On?! (which is on Blogger) 2-3 days a week, I DO update and share previously published blogs every so often and occasionally publish new blogs on both sites.

Webs.com has so many glitches. This is especially when it comes to sending and receiving notifications and comments. Their engineers still have yet to repair my Guestbook page.

Meanwhile, Facebook and other social media sites keep destroying the algorithms for entertainers, bloggers, authors, and content creators like yours truly. Therefore, sending newsletters is the best solution.

It has been repeatedly said, that entertainers, bloggers, authors, and content creators should have our own newsletters. 

Why should we have our own newsletter(s)?

Because we have our own content AND contact lists of subscribers. With a newsletter, we have a greater chance of our subscribers seeing our content rather than social media sites like Facebook changing their algorithms to hide our status updates and content on their sites.

For all those, who may have never had a chance to read and comment on past and present blogs, you have a better opportunity of doing so, now. 

If you have friends or know some adults 18 years old or older, that love learning about interesting foreign folklores, writing, music, animation, reading Psychological Horror, Crime, and Psychological Thrillers, etc, etc. send them my way! 

Get on my TinyLetter newsletter, STAT!

I promise not to spam you a gajillion times a day. If I do, you can always blame it on a malfunction.

Anyway, as I continue to work out some other kinks online, stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

ABC's 20/20 Exploits The Slender Man Atrocity For Halloween Ratings

Long time, no post creepers! Yes, I know it has been a LONG TIME, since I last published a blog on OMG, Anna! What's Going On?! However, that doesn't mean that I quit blogging.

Every so often, I have updated previously published blogs and published newer blogs on my website, It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns. 

In fact, I celebrated my website's 6th anniversary in late September with the annual Q&A blog.

It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns 6th Anniversary Q&A

Anyway, that is not why I am publishing today's blog. 

On October 25th, ABC's 20/20 premiered the 2-hour documentary about The Slender Man Case. This particular 20/20 Special was titled, The Wicked. Around YouTube, I had no luck finding The Wicked's promo. Although, ABC News did upload the 2-hour documentary. Here is Part 1 of The Wicked

ABC's 20/20: The Wicked Part 1 (2019)

Even though I am glad that ABC spent the last 5 years following The Slender Man atrocity, such a highly sensitive atrocity should've been aired either before, or after October. You may be wondering, "Anna, what difference did it make?"

Well, considering how horrific the atrocity was and still is 5 years later, ABC's marketers made the network look as if ABC was exploiting an adolescent girl's shankings for a Halloween ratings hike. 

Had ABC News uploaded their promo for The Wicked on YouTube, the video would've been evidence for my slight rant. The marketing was somewhat distasteful. Then again, that's probably why ABC News didn't upload their promo to YouTube.

Just because the reports about the shankings were horrific, it didn't give ABC the right to market the atrocity like it was going to be a Horror film specially released for Halloween. 

Of all the 12 months out the year, why October? Why Halloween Season? Why not on the anniversary of the atrocity?

More sympathy AND empathy should've been shown by ABC's marketers. 

It somewhat felt as if the network was exploiting Payton Leutner's shankings for Halloween ratings, while simultaneously TRYING to show their compassion for Payton's well-being. 

ABC MAY have had good intentions, but the network's timing and marketers should've been more empathetic and respectful.

The way ABC marketed and advertised said grisly atrocity made them look opportunistic as well as insensitive to Payton Leutner and her family's suffering. 

It was bad enough, that Sylvain White directed and David Birke wrote the script last year for the Horror film about The Slender Man. The movie was banned from theaters in Waukesha, WI out of respect for Payton.

Slender Man Trailer (2018)

Last year, Adult Swim's Robot Chicken did a spoof about The Slender Man, which was highly distasteful. 

Robot Chicken: Slender Man Spoof (2018)

Normally, I like watching Robot Chicken. Over the last decade, some of their episodes have been hits and misses. The scene above was definitely a miss as well as highly insensitive to Payton Leutner.

Despite all the distasteful flaws made by ABC, Sylvain White, David Birke, and Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, which were mentioned above, there is a silver lining.

Those of us, who watched The Wicked, had the chance to learn more details about this horrific Slender Man attack. In more ways than 1, the stabbings personally hit TOO close to home.

In 2014, I published a blog about The Slender Man attack on It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns. Call it an eerie coincidence, or a premonition in the form of a disturbing and painful dream. You can decide for yourself by reading my blog in the following link:


Pre-Teen Sociopaths Stab Friend, Then Blame Slender Man For It (2014)

You have no idea how BADLY  I wanted to skip from Milwaukee County to Waukesha County just to serve jury duty for The Slender Man Trial. 

Every sane viewer like yours truly, who watched The Wicked, had enough common sense and critical thinking skills to be outraged by Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier's murderous attempts.

Meanwhile, we have bleeding hearts wearing rose-colored glasses here in WI showing sympathy for 2 lying, sociopathic, serial killers in the making. 

If I have to hear someone say, "They're just babies" 1 more time, I'll scream!

For several years, our local news reported about Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier conveniently sharing "schizophrenia." Their lawyers stalled their trial for YEARS.

Why did they do that?  

Because Morgan and Anissa would've faced adult charges for second-degree homicide. As their judge told them to their faces in court, what they did was "pure evil."

In addition, their lawyers like Morgan's lawyer (Anthony Cotton, for example) had a handful of psychiatrists cross-examine those 2 sociopathic killers. 

If none of Morgan and Anissa's psychiatrists justified their murderous attempts and validated their lies about "schizophrenia" in court, Morgan and Anissa's lawyers kept finding new psychiatrists, who would.

Almost everyone, who cross-examined Morgan and Anissa already KNEW, that Morgan and Anissa were sociopathic killers.

Our local news in WI FAILED to report over these last 5 years, that Morgan conducted personal research about HOW to get away with murder, while pretending to be schizophrenic for a lesser sentence, BEFORE attempting to murder her "best friend," Payton. 

Journalists also refused to report, that Creepypasta is a Horror Fan Fiction website meant for ADULTS 18 and older.

Hmm... Why is that? Talk about so-called "schizophrenic babies" trying to "game the system." Everything Morgan and Anissa did was premeditated.

Everyone else with critical thinking skills AND common sense continuously say, that Morgan and Anissa should've been charged for life rather than several decades inside mental institutions.

Yes, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier do have serious mental problems BUUUT... they are a LOT  more manipulative with their SOUND MINDS than what they pretend to be for the public. 

After their decades of being institutionalized are up, they will be back on the streets to re-offend. Thank their jury and lawyers in Waukesha, WI for such bullshit.

While Morgan and Anissa are petitioning for lesser time inside mental institutions, adults in WI SHOULD be petitioning for those 2 demon seeds to be charged for life. 

It's not like they will ever be any assets to society. If anything, they are menaces to it.

Because of Morgan and Anissa, their so-called "friend," who they brutally shanked nearly to death 19 TIMES, continues to sleep with a pair of scissors under her pillow for protection from them. That is highly abnormal. 

What kind of life is THAT for anyone to live?  

Regardless of what Payton Leutner says, her defenses are still up, mentally, physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Payton may claim to be happier with her life, now that her "friends" are institutionalized, but she's not. The girl's mind and body are still traumatized from being attacked, 5 years later.

Continuing to sleep with a pair of scissors underneath her pillow JUST IN CASE Morgan and Anissa re-appear to kill her as she sleeps speaks louder than words. But that's okay everybody! Morgan and Anissa are now 17-year-old BABIES. (Did you catch the sarcasm just now?)

Friday, October 18, 2019

Who Are The Characters In Anna H's Short Stories?

How's it going lurkers? Is it just me, or does today's gif look creepy? Staring at the illustration of those hands typing and the texture of the hands somewhat make my skin crawl. 

It appears that I managed to creep myself out. 

Since I write New Adult Psychological Horror, Crime, and Psychological Thriller Short Stories, it would only be fitting to have a creepy-looking gif to help set the tone for this blog. 

Recently, I realized that I never published a character list for any of my short stories. 

You already know that I self-built my Horror/Thriller page with excerpts of my short stories and that I published blogs explaining about some of them. However, I have NEVER published a character list on here. At least, not to my recollection.

Before publishing today's blog, listing the characters for my Flash Fiction piece, "Across The Street" was impossible. 

How? How could I?

Feeling stumped, how could I POSSIBLY create a character list for the preceding Horror Flash Fiction piece that I originally wrote in 2005?

When I originally wrote the story, it was titled "Dolls" and mostly in homage to Octavio Paz's "The Blue Bouquet."  

At the time, it was astonishing to witness that my Creative Writing Professor enjoyed my horrifying version of the late author's Flash Fiction piece.

In "Across The Street," the characters are nameless. A young, female author is the narrator. 

After taking a break from writing on a dark and stormy night with torrential downpours, she goes to bed and begins to have what are called, "false awakenings."

False awakenings are dreams within a dream. 

In this particular situation, the narrator's dreams are nightmares within a nightmare.

Hearing a monstrous thunderclap and a domestic disturbance from across the street break her nightmare. 

Being an interloper, the narrator walks across the street to her neighbors' house only to discover a domestic murder.

The husband's mutilated corpse is found propped on the floor by the narrator, inside the garage, after he attempted to rape his deranged wife. The narrator is soon held hostage by the widow.

Aside from "Across The Street," the characters in my other short stories can be viewed as darker as well as more depraved and sadistic than in the preceding piece.

Some feedback was given about the characters in "Maliciousness," "The Bill Collector," and "Psycho Vs. Psycho," over the last year or 2.

I always considered those 3 short stories to be a "short story trilogy." According to a writing coach, "Maliciousness," "The Bill Collector," and "Psycho Vs. Psycho" would be considered a so-called "novel-in-short story."

So, why is that?

Well, all 3 short stories read like a fast pace novel and have the same recurring characters. 

Anyway, here are the lists of all the characters found in "Maliciousness," "The Bill Collector," and "Psycho Vs. Psycho."

Part 1: "Maliciousness" Character List

Terry- 1st person narrator/bully explaining about his 1-sided friendship with Alice

Alice- Victim with a past vendetta against Terry, Tiffany, Carrie, Drew, and Michael

Tiffany- Terry's ex-girlfriend, who he cheated on with Carrie

Carrie- Terry's former friend/one night stand

Drew- Terry's former friend and Carrie's ex-boyfriend, who she cheated on with Terry

Michael- Terry's former high school jock best friend and Alice's scumbag crush/prom date

Part 2: "The Bill Collector" Character List

Alice- 21-year-old petite, chunky blonde protagonist, who somewhat resembles Britney Spears and is a Capricorn

Damon- Alice's recently unemployed live-in boyfriend, who could pass as LL Cool J's young doppelganger and spoils her with expensive birthday gifts

Alexis- Alice's feisty, Rottweiler/Doberman Pinscher mutt that Damon buys as Alice's birthday present

Greg- Somewhat resembles actor/voice actor Seth Green and is Americana's clerk and a love-struck stalker with jaw dropping secrets

Gwendalyn- Americana's clerk and Greg's co-worker, who helps Alice and Damon with Alice's 21st birthday present

Part 3: "She's Their Obsession" Character List

Alice- 21-year-old protagonist being objectified and stalked by 3 scumbags

Damon- Alice's unemployed, live-in boyfriend, who rushes to her rescue with Alexis

Alexis- Alice's feisty, Rottweiler/Doberman Pinscher that Damon bought her as a birthday gift

Greg- Americana's clerk, Gwendalyn's co-worker, and a love-struck stalker going under the guise of "Larry" with jaw dropping secrets

Michael- Terry's former jock best friend and Alice's antagonistic, deranged, scumbag crush/prom date from the past

Tony Sausalito- Sleazy, opportunistic, Spanish American, security guard at the gas station, who is titillated by Alice

The preceding character lists are only lists for 3 of my 6 short stories. Have any thoughts regarding these 3 character lists? If so, let me know what you think!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Whatever You Do, Hemophobics, Don't Faint! It's Only Blood!

How's it going lurkers? In case you have not already guessed, today's blog is NOT  about hemophilia. It is about hemophobia. 
Hemophobia is the fear or phobia of blood.

The more I thought about hemophobia, I chose to conduct online research about it, hoping to find informative articles about the phobia. Low and behold, there are at least several.

Stumbling upon the website, FearOf.Net, I discovered that it is a website specifically dedicated to a plethora of phobias. 

When visiting FearOf.Net's main page, there is an Anxiety Test, as well as lists of the Top 10 and Top 100 Phobias. Of course, 4 of mine made the Top 10 List.

Don't be fooled. Just because I am a Horror fan and author, doesn't mean I don't have any phobias of my own. My biggest phobia made Number 1 and must be slayed every time I walk inside and outside the house, throughout spring, summer, and early fall.

To solve any confusions some might already have, being hemophobic is NOT  the same as being terrified of needles (trypanophobic).  

Trypanophobia is more common than hemophobia.

How many people do you know personally enjoy having blood work done and/or shots taken at hospitals/clinics?

Both shots and blood work can be extremely painful. This is especially if you have a ruthless nurse holding a needle in his/her hands just to brutally stab you with it.

Hemophobics typically experience symptoms such as anxiety (duh), nausea, increased heart rate, sweating, and trembling at the sight of blood.

Sudden drops in blood pressure and heart rate leading to pallor or weakness and fainting at the sight of blood are soon to follow.

Some have been caused to have a fear of blood due to traumatic and tragic experiences. Bloody images shown on TV and movies can also contribute to hemophobia.

It goes without saying that genres, sub-genres, and themes that are "near and dear to my heart," so to say (Horror, Thriller, Crime, serial killers, etc.) are mostly to blame for hemophobia. 

Well, the objective IS to frighten audiences after all. Otherwise, we wouldn't be doing our jobs.

Anyway, if you would like to participate in the poll taking, statistical data, and are more curious about hemophobia specifically, don't be too horrified to LEARN MORE.

So, did I happen to traumatize anyone with the display of blood?

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What About The Short Story Trilogy I Recently Submitted To Writer's Relief?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN LURKERS!!! In case you didn't already know, I submitted 3 of my short stories to Writer's Relief for reviews. "Maliciousness," "The Bill Collector," and "Psycho Vs. Psycho" were the 3 short stories I submitted.

Because all 3 stories are centered around the protagonist, Alice I view them as being The Alice Trilogy. The first 2 short stories were written 12-13 years ago for Creative Writing. Both were bound to my Carthage College chapbook but are unpublished.

"Psycho Vs. Psycho" on the other hand, was written 6 years ago. It is in continuation of "The Bill Collector." The opening for "Psycho Vs. Psycho" picks up where "The Bill Collector" left off; "The Bill Collector's" ending segues into "Psycho Vs. Psycho."

When you really think about it, those 2 particular stories are parts 1 and 2 of "The Bill Collector." At the same time, "Psycho Vs. Psycho" could also be seen as the conclusion to "Maliciousness."

In "Maliciousness," Terry went as far as tricking Alice into eating an Oreo Cookie, that he previously had in his mouth. Terry sucked the cream filling out of the Oreo, stuck it back together, and fooled Alice into eating it, when they were 2nd graders.

As the years progressed, Alice had time to swear vengeance against Terry and their so-called friends, Tiffany, Carrie, and Drew.

Considering that Michael Dimitrius Peyton was Alice's high school crush/prom date at the time, she did not expect his deception.

It was not until their prom night, that Alice overheard Mike colluding with Terry over his cell phone about taking her virginity. Those 2 lowlives betted on Alice losing her virginity to Michael.

After she lost her virginity to Mike, he bragged about it in his cell phone message to Terry. That bet was the worst prank they ever played on Alice. However, Terry and Mike did not get the last laugh.

Both antagonists squandered years seething over Alice and began referring to her as "Malice." Although, Mike carried his vendetta towards Alice 3 years after high school.

Michael Dimitrius Peyton mostly spent 3 years seething over Alice's malicious intent towards Tiffany, Terry, Carrie, Drew, and himself. After what she did to them, Mike felt compelled to retaliate against Alice 3 years later. He had his half-brother, Greg stalk her by posing as a bill collector named "Larry," in "The Bill Collector."

While sending Alice and her boyfriend, Damon harassing phone calls about supposedly having delinquent payments on her laptop, Greg becomes madly in love with Alice in "The Bill Collector."

In "Psycho Vs. Psycho," Alice is unexpectedly reunited with her old high school crush/prom date. In this particular short story, readers should expect murder, mayhem, mystery, dark humor, and fights. 

"Psycho Vs. Psycho" has the most activity, which should really hook the readers. "Maliciousness" and "The Bill Collector" never had problems inciting controversy, but "Psycho Vs. Psycho's" writing has the most depth and depravity throughout the time skips.

More time was spent on the dialogue than the narration. I believe that readers will favor "Psycho Vs. Psycho" over "Maliciousness" and "The Bill Collector." In "Psycho Vs. Psycho," readers will have a chance to learn more about just how merciless she can be as a protagonist.

Hopefully, you enjoyed today's blog. I managed to squeeze in time from my hectic schedule on HALLOWEEN to explain about the short stories I submitted to Writer's Relief.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

What A Roller Coaster 2018 Has Been!

How's it going my gumdrops? Or should I call you "creepers" on OMG, Anna! What's Going On?! instead?

Let me know what you think sounds better. Gumdrops or creepers?

Yes, I know it has been another month, since last publishing a blog on here and on It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns.

What a roller coaster 2018 has been for a number of us! Since the start of this year, it has been extremely chaotic. There's no telling how unpredictable the end of the year will be. I can most definitely say that without a doubt.

I cannot help reiterating how stressful this year has been, especially for me both on and offline. 2018 has been a year of backburning projects, relocations, family funerals, repairs, etc. Luckily, some progress has been made towards the end of this year

Speaking of relocations, it was recently announced that Google Plus is planned to shut down 8/31/19. Considering the fact that their head moderators act trollish and condescending, and that their social media site is mostly a ghost town, good bye and good riddance to Google Plus!

Because Google Plus' moderators blocked, blacklisted, banned me and my blogs, as well as THREATENED to have my entire Google account suspended, 2 YEARS IN A ROW, they are THE MAIN REASON why I stopped blogging for most of 2018. The crooked moderators controlling Google Plus intentionally killed my blog traffic and page views.

More time was spent throughout 2018 searching for a better social media site than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc. I had no such luck finding a better social media site, until 2 weeks ago.

All my friends, subscribers, visitors, etc. can now find me on the social media site, MeWe.
PR Newswire: Full Page "Dear Facebook" Letter In The New York Times From MeWe, The Competitor Mark Zuckerberg Refuses To Name

Imagine if Facebook and Google Plus were combined into 1 social media site, had more security with user friendly interfaces, less toxicity, and less division. THAT  is MeWe

Those who are sick of all the other social media sites with their bullshit political propaganda, agendas, division, spam ads, etc. and want to belong to a more interest based social media site with like-minded people, you may want to join MeWe. Recently, I created my own group page on MeWe for OMG, Anna! What's Going On?!

Aside from relocating from Google Plus to MeWe, I managed to submit 3 of my short stories to be reviewed at Writer's Relief, towards the end of last week.

2 of the 3 short stories I submitted for writer reviews were short stories I wrote 12-13 years ago. Even though my work is unpublished, some short stories have been bound to my Creative Writing Chapbook.

Over the last 2 weeks to 5 months, revisions for 6 of the short stories I have written over the last 6-12 years have been made. You're probably thinking to yourselves, "Anna, 6-12 years is a very long time. Why has it taken you so long?"

Battling my own health scare before, during, and after graduating from Carthage College really set me back. Throughout most of my 20's, I was severely ill.

Before my grandfather died in 2004, it was the beginning of what would later become a severe health scare, 2 years later. The first portion of 2006 was when I was the sickest in life.

In 2006, I was supposed to study abroad in Japan the last semester of my college senior year. It never came to fruition.

After my grandfather's death in 2004, my immediate family went through economic hardships. Less than 2 years later, my great-grandmother died. She died the month before my college graduation in 2006.

All the while, the first 6 months of 2006, I was severely ill. By the end of that same year, just when I was recovering from my own health scare, my mother had a severe medical emergency; She suddenly had a seizure.

It took not only a few years for her to be granted disability, but also years for me to be well enough to job hunt again.

Those, who have been my friends and subscribers for the last 5 years on Xanga, Blogster, Horror-Punks, and on It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns already know, that I haven't helped my uncle with his company again, since 2013. However, that was due to my uncle appeasing his lying, gold digging, shrew. She micromanaged and purposely sabotaged his company, while plotting to replace ME with her FRIEND'S daughter. Therefore, you can do the math on that catastrophic division.

After my uncle ousted me from his company to appease his shrew, I've had more time to focus on my own content. In other words, I had more time to be the webmaster and blogger on my own website. This cannot be said regarding 2018.

The first part of 2018 was spent finding an oral surgeon, who was willing to accept my insurance for my wisdom tooth to be extracted. It wasn't extracted until 2 weeks before my birthday, 6 months ago.

Meanwhile, the constant interruptions mostly dealing with my mother's neediness, hypochondria combined with actual health problems that she has, doctor's appointments, home repairs, remodeling, and chores occupied most of 2018. I just managed to squeeze in time to revise my short stories for writer's submissions.

As of last Thursday, I feel like I was finally able to accomplish a long overdue goal. Now, I must wait at least 2 more weeks for reviews on 3 of the short stories I submitted. Knowing that I was able to accomplish at least 1 goal for 2018 makes me feel a little better about myself.

Hopefully, the reviews for my short stories are positive. Right now, I could really use some positive news. Like I said earlier, this year has been a roller coaster. 2018 has been so stressful, that I am only 36 and have been forced to recently take blood pressure medication.

If it is possible, I want to publish another blog on my website, It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns explaining about the short stories I submitted to Writer's Relief for reviews.

So, what are your thoughts?

In the following links below, don't forget to find me on MeWe and let me know what you think! Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there!



Saturday, September 15, 2018

Got Any Questions For It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns' 5th Anniversary?

How's it going my gumdrops? On September 23rd, it will be 5 years since the time of building my website, It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns. If it is possible, I would love to have another Q&A blog. 

It is tradition to celebrate It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns' Anniversary by me annually publishing and sharing Q&A blogs.

Normally, I allow 1-3 questions per friend, subscriber, and visitor. My answers are usually very long because of the complex questions that are asked. 

With that being the case, here are 2 Q&A's I previously copied and pasted to my other Blogger page.

It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns: Q&A #1

It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns: Q&A #2

Here are the rest of the Q&A blogs from my official website.

It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns' 2nd Birthday [Q&A EDITION] 

It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns 3rd Anniversary: Q&A

It's Not All Gumdrops And Unicorns Q+A 2017 [Part 1]

It's Not All Gumdrops And Unicorns Q+A 2017 [Part 2]

You have 1 week to ask questions, that will be published and shared for the upcoming Q&A. 

The questions typically asked are entertainment based regarding movies, musics, shows, writing, etc. I try to be as apolitical as possible. In other words, I refuse to alienate viewers with politically divisive questions and answers.

Once again, it has been a while, since I last published any blogs not only on OMG, Anna! What's Going On?!, but also on It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns.  

Over the last 5 years or so, I have dealt with more than my share of struggles. 2018 has surely been a year of deaths, health issues, hiatuses, and mostly repairs both on and offline. 

Normally, I publish and share blogs 2-3 days a week. Last Thanksgiving, my great uncle died of cancer and my mother had another medical emergency the day after Christmas. 

During late January 2018, a distant cousin's heart stopped. She was briefly put on life support. Then, she died a few days later. 

In addition, I spent months searching for an oral surgeon who would take my insurance. The oral extraction for my wisdom tooth wasn't done until literally 2 weeks before my birthday. 

Speaking of my birthday (which is in mid-June), this last birthday felt more like a Sixteen Candles type of birthday except I turned 36 rather than 16. Now that I think about it, both of those birthdays sucked. 

While doing yard work in the sweltering heat and on my birthday of ALL days this year, I lost my claddagh ring. 

Most of this year has been spent dealing with problems offline. That's not including having to deal with problems online. Since last year, the engineers at Webs have been unable to repair all of our websites' glitches. 

We still cannot send out e-mail blasts to our subscribers. That has to be the worst problem I have had, since the beginning of this year, regarding Webs. Luckily, Webs' engineers did modify our URLs by adding "https" to make our websites more secure. 

However, none of this changes the fact, that Webs continues to have problems. Because I have spent YEARS managing my website, It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns on Webs, I continue to keep it live. 

Meanwhile, the asshole moderators at Google Plus made sharing my blogs harder by constantly blocking, banning, and blacklisting my content by marking it as spam

Is it not bad enough that Facebook keeps changing their algorithms, making it harder for everyone to communicate with each other? 

I refuse to go back to using Twitter. That social media site is a bigger sewer overrun with smear campaigns, cyber wars, negativity bias, and political division than Facebook. 

Regardless of what popular social media platforms I'm on, they are sickening to use. This is especially when the social media sites are user UNFRIENDLY,  as I share my online content into the void of mostly indifferent people. 

Today I almost didn't publish and share this blog, which should say something. You may be wondering, "Anna, are you burnt out?"

In a way, I think it is a combination of being burnt out from both on and offline problems, as well as being stuck in a rut without anything or anyone to help me.

The moderators at Google Plus have actually exacerbated my preexisting problems. It is amazing how a last resort social media site like Google Plus wants to treat their most loyal users like we're all a bunch of criminals.

Because of the all the preceding issues, that I have continuously been struggling with this year, I have continued to backburn working on my website and blogs. 

Even though this has probably been the worst year that I have had within the last 12 years on and offline, I have been more productive by contacting book publishers, literary agents, etc. 

Despite everything I have said, do you have any questions for me? I look forward to hearing back from you

Thank you my gumdrops! Don't forget to like, subscribe, share, +1 on Google Plus, and leave your feedback in the comments section below!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Cartoon Sunday: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable Music References

How's it going lurkers? Above is an illustration of the defeated Vampire Supervillain, Dio Brando with his Stand, The World. 
Similar to characters from a Greek Tragedy, Dio's God Complex and his own hubris led to his demise. Over the last 2 decades, this antagonist had quite a few voice actors. 

Dio Brando's Multiple Voice Actors In Japanese & English (2017):
Dio Brando was the type of supervillain you loved to hate. Because he was such a deplorable vampire, I already miss his wickedness. In order for a character to be a supervillain in entertainment, I believe Dio raised the bar high.

Last April, I published a Cartoon Sunday blog regarding Watch Mojo's Countdowns of Top Anime Villains. Dio Brando made it at least TWICE on those countdowns. 
As a Vampire Supervillain, Dio was extremely psychopathic and sinister. I am surprised, that NONE of the late Ronnie James Dio's songs were used as opening or ending theme songs for Parts 1-3 of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise. After all, Dio Brando was named after him

Call me biased but "Egypt" really should've been used as the ending theme song for Stardust Crusaders' "Battle In Egypt" Arc as opposed to "The Last Train Home". Ugh! It's like listening to depressing-sounding '80s Muzak.

Now that Dio is dead, it will be disappointing not seeing him in Diamond Is Unbreakable and the future seasons to come. 

Earlier this year, it was announced that Golden Wind (Part 5) was in the works of being animated.

According to Anime News Network in June, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is scheduled to premiere in Japan in 2 more months. 

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind Manga Gets TV Anime in October

Considering that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a Seinen Supernatural Action Anime, it's only fitting to have Golden Wind premiere this October. 

Meanwhile, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable will premiere next Saturday night at 11:30 pm Central on Adult Swim's Toonami block

{Toonami Promo}: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable (2018)

Diamond Is Unbreakable takes place in 1999. 
Ahh, 1999. Before American Entertainment was corrupted by self-righteous, political "activist," celebutards, and political divisiveness in general like it has been, since the turn of the century. 

Nearly 2 decades ago, a plethora of monumental incidents happened like Woodstock '99, for example

In 1999, I was a notorious, 17-year-old girl full of "angst" and living a so-called "double life." No, I was not partying like it was 1999. It's amazing how much time flies. Well, I digress.

In Diamond Is Unbreakable, Jotaro Kujo will meet Josuke Higashikata. Josuke is the bastard son of Jotaro's grandfather, Joseph Joestar. What a twist! Honestly, I did not see that coming!

Because this is another blog about the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, here are 4 previously published Cartoon Sunday blogs. 

Cartoon Sunday: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood Review (2016)

Cartoon Sunday: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood + Battle Tendency Music References (2017)

Cartoon Sunday: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Recap With Stardust Crusaders Music References (2017)

Cartoon Sunday: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders & Stands (2017)

Also, as promised in yesterday's Song Saturday blog, here are the following music references for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable for today's Cartoon Sunday!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Music References (2021)

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Song Saturday: Jo Stars- Tommy, Coda, Jin's JoJo, That Blood's Memories ~End Of The World~

How's it going lurkers? Had this past week not been so chaotic, I definitely would've published another blog before today. 
Bear with me, I am currently in the middle of nursing a stye in both eyes. These last 3 weeks, a stye on my lower left eyelid kept flaring up. 

Aside from my relentless health issues, are all my fellow JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans ready to watch tonight's finale of Stardust Crusaders? 

Surely, I can't wait to watch the fall of Dio Brando. Well, actually I already have. Awhile back, I managed to watch clips of the 1993 OVA's for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. 

As JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans already know, Stardust Crusaders is Part 3 of Hirohiko Araki's Manga. It was the only part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, that was adapted into OVA's. 

Since 2012, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Parts 1-4 (Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, and Diamond Is Unbreakable) were adapted into 3 Anime seasons. Stardust Crusaders is currently the longest running season from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise. 

After tonight's finale of Stardust Crusaders on Adult Swim's Toonami block, it will feel weird. 

Viewers like yours truly became used to watching Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo (his grandson and main protagonist), Mohammed Avdol, Jean Pierre Polnareff, Noriaki Kakyoin, and their dog, Iggy. 

Most of the characters mentioned above are dead in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. Tonight Dio Brando (Vampire Supervillain) is about to get served his just desserts by Jotaro. 

Now that Stardust Crusaders will be ending its American broadcast on Toonami, we will also have to say goodbye to this Seinen Supernatural Action Anime's theme songs. 

Stardust Crusaders has several openings and endings, that Toonami refused to air. Airing animated music videos, that suit Toonami and Adult Swim's political agenda mostly takes precedence over the network's programming. Anyway, I digress.

"The Last Train Home" by the 1987 Jazz Fusion band, Pat Metheny Group is an ending theme song I definitely will NOT  be missing from Stardust Crusaders' "Battle In Egypt Arc." I swear, that song is like listening to depressing Muzak from the 1980's. 

At the risk of sounding like some fangirl holding onto her 1980's childhood nostalgia, I still prefer The Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian" as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders' original ending theme song. 

Also, I enjoyed Jin Hashimoto's "Stand Proud" and Jo Stars- Tommy, Coda, Jin's "JoJo, That Blood's Memories ~End Of The World~" as opening theme songs. 

Opening Theme Song #1: Jin Hashimoto "Stand Proud" JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (2014)

Opening Theme Song #2: Jo Stars- Tommy, Coda, Jin "JoJo, That Blood's Memories ~End Of The World~" JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders "Battle In Egypt Arc" (2015)
Both opening theme songs got us JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans hyped to watch Stardust Crusaders every Saturday night; We couldn't wait to see a Saturday Night Rumble. 

"Stand Proud" and "End Of The World" were songs meant for fighting. In other words, "Fight Music." This especially applies to the latter. 

Jotaro's Stand, Star Platinum, always shouts "ORA, ORA, ORA!"  in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders and in the latest opening theme song.

Listening to Dio Brando shout, "MUDA, MUDA, MUDA!!!" (which means "useless" in Japanese) in the final episodes always cracks me up, along with him shouting his stand's name, "THE WORLD!" 

It seems like most of us fans love hearing Dio shout "ZA WARULDO!" (meaning "THE WORLD" in Japanese), which is another popular JoJo's Bizarre Adventure meme. I don't know how Anime fans cannot like the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise. 

This Seinen Supernatural Action Anime franchise is campy and music oriented. Most of the characters are namesakes, if not modeled after those in music. 

Speaking of music and characters, tomorrow will be another music reference blog regarding the next season, Diamond Is Unbreakable. Make sure you stay tuned! Today I am sharing the current opening theme song for Stardust Crusaders. 

Jo Stars- Tommy, Coda, Jin is comprised of Hiroaki "Tommy" Tominaga, Coda, and Jin Hashimoto. 

Within this collaborative trio, each singer individually performed opening theme songs for the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise in the past.

Rather than making this blog any longer, here is Jo Stars- Tommy, Coda, Jin's "JoJo, That Blood's Memories ~End Of The World~" for today's Song Saturday.
Jo Stars- Tommy, Coda, Jin's "JoJo, That Blood's Memories ~End Of The World~" JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders "Battle In Egypt Arc" (2015)

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