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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Song Saturday: Black Funeral's Dearg Due (Blood Sucker)

How's it going my gumdrops? I assume that most people really enjoyed Saint Patrick's Day, last Saturday. It was reported yesterday on my local news, that Wisconsin is currently rated the 2nd DRUNKEST state in America. 

Talk about embarrassing. This makes me feel ashamed to be a Wisconsinite. Last Sunday, the Internet was a ghost town, or at least it seemed that way on my end. 

There was barely any activity online, when I was on several websites at a time. More people were probably passed out drunk, or high from excessive partying on Saint Patrick's Day. Otherwise, they were involved in other activities. Regardless, I could barely find anyone doing much of anything online last Sunday.  

Hopefully, more people stayed safe and warm during the celebration of Saint Patrick's Day. Even though the festive Irish holiday is over, I still have at least 1 more Irish themed blog to share with you all today.

If you still have yet to read the blog, that I published on It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns about Irish Horror Folktales, I encourage you to do so. In that blog, I explained about Dearg Due, Leanan Sidhe, and Caorthannach.

Irish Horror Folktales

Speaking of Dearg Due, she was an Irish vampiress, who seduced men and drained them of their blood in Irish Horror Folktales. The name, Dearg Due means "Red Blood Sucker" in Gaelic. 

It appears that the Irish vampiress left quite an impression on Black Funeral so much so, that they felt compelled to write a song about her. Maybe Dearg Due should've been considered "The Evil Irish Fairy Muse" and not Leanan Sidhe? Either way, both have Black Metal songs written about them.

Most Black Metal bands are typically from Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Sweden. However, Black Funeral is an American Black Metal band from Houston, TX. They have been around, since 1993 with a total of 9 albums. Ankou And The Death Fire, which was released in 2016, is Black Funeral's most recent album

This American Black Metal band also released Journeys Into Horizons Lost and Of Spells Of Darkness & Death. Both happen to be music demos from 1994 and '95. "Dearg Due (Blood Sucker)" can be found on Black Funeral's 2016 album, Ankou And The Death Fire.  

If you would like to learn more about the band, don't be scared to visit their official Bandcamp and facebook pages. Otherwise, there is Metal-Archives.com. Since today's blog is mostly about Black Funeral and the Irish vampiress, Dearg Due, here is Black Funeral's "Dearg Due (Blood Sucker)" for today's Song Saturday.

Black Funeral "Dearg Due {Blood Sucker}" Ankou And The Death Fire (2016)
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